Welcome to the best website design company in India, Siliciti has been creating websites since 2010. Where creativity and quality come together to create digital creations that last, your business website will be designed by the best web designers in India.

Our web design services in Bangalore demonstrate our dedication to perfection. We recognize that your online presence is more than a virtual storefront; it is a representation of your brand’s identity. That is why we methodically integrate creativity, functionality, and user-centric design to ensure that your website not only stands out but also engages and converts visitors.

What distinguishes us is our commitment to provide the greatest value without sacrificing quality. Our talented designers and developers work tirelessly to produce aesthetically attractive and technologically sophisticated websites that are suited to your specific vision and business objectives. Elevate your online presence with us, where exquisite design meets cost, making your digital aspirations a fascinating reality.

About Website Design:

Website design is an important aspect of the digital world since it encompasses the art and science of developing aesthetically appealing and functioning online platforms. To build websites that successfully represent a brand’s identity, purpose, and content, a careful mix of aesthetics, user experience, and technical skills is required.

An effective website design goes beyond aesthetics, featuring straightforward navigation, responsive layouts, and optimized performance to offer a consistent user experience across devices and screen sizes.

Website design plays an important role in attracting and retaining the interest of visitors, creating interaction, and driving desired behaviors, whether for personal blogs, business portfolios, e-commerce sites, or instructional hubs.

It is a dynamic sector that changes with design trends and technical breakthroughs, always pushing the frontiers of creativity and innovation to create digital experiences that have a lasting impact.

Types of Website Design Services we offer.

There are basically two types of web design services we offer in our web design company.

  1. Static Website Design
  2. Dynamic Website Design

By default, all websites we build are Responsive Website Designs. The website can be categorized in many ways like personal, business, or technology-wise.

Static Websites are designed and stored on the web hosting server, they do not have an admin backend to make changes and you should have basic HTML, JS, and CSS knowledge to make changes on yourself or you need to contact a web developer for every minor change.

Dynamic Websites are also designed and stored on the web hosting server, they will have an admin backend to make necessary changes like adding new content, editing existing content, and adding or removing products and services. Here are a few example websites: Business Websites, Content Management, Blog, eCommerce (Online shop), Community Websites, Classifieds, Audio Video portals, and more.

We can build you any of the website designs listed below:

Website Designs can also be categorized Product-wise and Services-wise: We plan, implement features and design websites according to the nature of the concerned business. Show more..
  • Agriculture and Farming Service
  • Architecture and Interior Companies
  • Art and Creative Services
  • Artistic or Creative Agency
  • Automotive Agencies
  • Beauty and Cosmetics Shops
  • Blog – Bloggers
  • Career and Professional Services
  • Childcare and Parenting Service
  • Community or Forum Management
  • Corporate / Business service
  • Dating or Relationship Companies
  • E-Commerce / Manufacturers / Retailers Firms
  • Education Trainer
  • Educational Institution
  • Entertainment
  • Environmental or Sustainability
  • Event or Conference Service
  • Fashion Agencies
  • Builders and Construction Companies
  • Financial Services
  • Fitness and Wellness Service
  • Flat Design – General
  • Gaming Service
  • Government or Public Service
  • Health and Nutrition Service
  • Healthcare Shops
  • Home and Garden Service
  • Interior Service
  • Marketing Landing Page
  • Legal Services
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Material – Ge4neral
  • Minimalist Designs
  • Mobile-First – Generic
  • Music and Performing Arts Service
  • News or Magazine Service
  • Nonprofit Organisations
  • Online Learning and Courses Centers
  • Web Design Companies (Outsourcing)
  • Graphic Design Companies (Outsource)
  • Parallax Design – Common
  • Personal Blog Service
  • Personal Branding Service
  • Pet and Animal Services
  • Photography Service
  • Political Campaign Service (Design only)
  • Portfolio Showcase – Common
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Real Estate Agents Service
  • Religious or Spiritual Service
  • Restaurant or Food Service
  • Single Page – Common
  • Social Networking Service
  • Sports and Fitness Centre
  • Technology or Software Service
  • Travel Agency
  • Travel and Tourism Service
  • Transportation Service
  • Taxi Service
  • Wedding and Event Planning Service
  • Wedding Services

The Website Design Platform we recommend for your business.

our team of web designers brings extensive expertise, allowing us to create stunning websites across a variety of platforms. Whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or any other platform, our designers know how to leverage everyone’s ability to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Our expertise extends across multiple platforms. From e-commerce-focused solutions like WooCommerce to powerful frameworks like Joomla and Drupal, we tailor our design approach to meet your unique needs. The expertise of our team ensures seamless integration of design elements across these platforms.

While platforms provide the foundation, our designers infuse innovation and customizability into every project. We are not satisfied with the models; We create designs that reflect your brand identity, engage your audience and set you apart from the competition.

The Website Design Price – Package and Features

We appreciate that you are interested in knowing the price of our web design services. We understand that pricing is an important part of your decision-making process. However, we want to be transparent and open that web design price predictions can be complex and can vary based on a number of factors.

Website design projects are unique and tailored to your specific needs, goals, and preferences. Factors such as project scope, design complexity, number of pages, functionality, additional features, integrations, and extras can all affect the final cost.

Rest assured that our goal is to meet your expectations and deliver value that exceeds industry standards. We strive to offer transparent and competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality of design and service.

Website Design & Web Development Packages

  • XOOPS Website Design Packages


  • Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Website Design Packages


  • ProcessWire Website Design Packages



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